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Fitness Motivation Feb 02, 2014

Maximum Liven


YMCA of Florida

There purpose is to improve lives all in Central Florida by connecting individuals, families and communities with

opportunities based on Christian values that strengthen Spirit, Mind and Body.

YMCA fist opened in 1885. They were official in Florida 1942. Black Achievers started 1990. 1995 they had

their first prayer breakfast. 1999 the YMCA raised 1 million dollars for underserved youths scholarship program.

2000 Dr. Phillips started an after school program for children. 2003 Brevard county started first fitness programs.

2004 YMCA invest 20 million to build quality facilities. 2006 YMCA of Central Florida became the fastest

growing center in North America.

Family strength starts at home. Fitness and fun can start at home. Some of us are experiencing some hard

economic times. The YMCA can build stronger bonds for family and fitness. It is a great place. Try and visit to

see what they offer. They not only have health and wellness classes, there are educational programs which support

spiritual and physical enjoyment. You can get some information about the following:

Sports & Recreation
• Adult Basketball
• Adult Flag Football
• Adult Soccer
• Adult Tennis
• Adult Softball
• Adult Martial Arts
• Swim Team
• Water Polo
• Diving
• Aquatic Camp
• Synchronized Swimming
• Aquatic Meets
• Handball
• Racquetball
• Volleyball
• T-ball
• Biking
• Running Clubs
• Triathlon Training

Health, Well-Being & Fitness
• Private Swim Lessons
• Adult Swim Lessons
• Adult Fitness
• Cardio Classes
• Combination Classes
• Spirit, Mind and Body Classes
• Youth Fitness Classes
• Strength Training Classes
• Personal Training
• Massage Therapy
• Group Personal Training
• Dietary Services
• Health Education
• Nutrition Education
• Wellness Sessions
• Getting Started Program
• Weight Loss Program

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