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Fitness legend and idol Monica Brant retires as 2013 WBFF Worlds figure champ

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Athletes all over the world traveled to Planet Hollywood Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada to compete at the biggest, fanciest, over-the-top show of the year for the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion, Inc. (WBFF). Men and women with perfectly sculpted bodies arrived in droves with exciting costumes, gorgeous bikinis and attitudes to step on stage with the "best of the best."

The WBFF Worlds Las Vegas proved a poignant moment for all athletes, but for Monica Brant, it is the denouement every athlete dreams of. Competing at this level is nothing new for Brant. She has been in this position many times before in her career with the IFBB, and later with the WBFF.

However, this is a special occasion for her and fans because it's the last time Brant expects to step on stage. Brant is retiring. On August 14, Brant posted on Facebook Brant posted a heartfelt thank you to her fans.

Oh my goodness. ..I'm speechless! What an honor..I've been so blessed in my many to thank... my last show in a glitzy suit but still a life time of healthy fun adventures await!

The stars were aligned in Las Vegas on August 24, 2013 and even with fierce competition fitness legend, and idol, Brant ended her stage career as the 2013 WBFF Figure champion.

Brant retired from the IFBB with an explosive move to the WBFF in 2010. This type of move from one federation to another was unheard of. However, the move proved positive. Brant won the figure champion title in the 2010 WBFF World Championships over then two-time WBFF world figure champion Emily Stirling, who announced in June that she is not participating in the 2013 WBFF Worlds.

Though Brant is retiring from the stage she is not done competing. Her competitions are moving back to the track.

I'm not going anywhere fact immediately following WBFF World's I'm back in training for the World's Master's Track meet in Brazil..October 15-28! From blingy suits to spikes and ponytail!

God has blessed me with so much...thank you for this .really really appreciate you guys!