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Fitness inspiration, motivation and support. Meet The DoubleTime Twins.

Finding a dance class in LA that inspires, motivates and supports you is hard, unless you sign up to sweat with The DoubleTimeTwins.

The DoubleTime Twins, Ava & Loretta
The DoubleTime Twins, Ava & Loretta
The DoubleTime Twins
The DoubleTime Twins
The DoubleTime Twins

So what makes hanging with these two so different?

Known as Ava and Loretta to their fans, they are recent transplants to LA by way of New York, but have quickly gained a following here as they are a powerful and inspirational motivational force.

And if you're ready to step into the studio with them, here's what you should know.

They teach dance fitness classes at Equinox, but also speak and write to issues that affect young girls and women.

You can expect no judgment in their class, and it's always a good time as they make each student feel welcome and greet you with hugs and smiles.

Their social media presence is also amazing and you will want to follow as it is often filled with daily bursts of inspiration to keep you going in life and the gym.

A quick scan of their blog and Instagram pages also show a diverse array of testimonials from their fans who not only enjoy their unique brand of fitness, but also the good energy they bring to their classes.

You can also find blog entries that speak on ways to improve self confidence as well as body image and nutrition, including tips on balancing work, life and home.

Fully aware of the struggle, Ava and Loretta both held down full time corporate media jobs in New York, commuting and enduring long hours, all while teaching dance classes on the side.

Now here and on the grind full time in LA, they give you a class that maximizes time, leaving you feeling as if you don't need another one right after.

There's also some major toning going on here with power squats, sexy struts and quick bursts of energy that will take you right to the front of the room where you can strike a sexy pose or drop down and swing your hair like a rock star if you please.

Regardless of how you decide to express yourself, Ava and Loretta will make sure you look good doing it and give you the confidence to try more than you normally would in a group fitness situation.

You also get the added bonus of having two instructors on both sides of the room, which makes for a great guideline if this is your first class.

The DoubleTime Twins are full of surprises, but one thing that remains constant is they will help you celebrate the beautiful woman you are inside and out, and if you're ready to check them out as well as pick up some gorgeous gear for class like sneakers from their newest sponsor, #ReebokOne, click on the link below and go to their "favorites," aka best dance sneakers recommended by them.




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