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Increase workout intensity to accelerate  fitness progress
Increase workout intensity to accelerate fitness progress
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What people want to know:

How do I get fit?

Pursuing fitness can be intimidating. Becoming fit is worth the effort.

Regular exercise is good for you. No surprise there. Experts continue to extol the positive and numerous paybacks of regular exercise to body and soul.

If you were to improve in your level of fitness, where would you likely see the greatest benefit?

Your personal compilation of positive check marks may include; increased energy, loss of excess body fat, increased strength, lower blood pressure, increased heart health, better flexibility, even greater resistance to sickness and disease. The list goes on. And on.

Becoming fit (and staying fit) is unquestionably worth the effort. Recall your list of potential health benefits and read on.

What people want to know is, how do I get fit?

Effort is the key factor in examining the rate at which individual fitness levels advance.

Our body has an amazing ability to adapt, normalizing and maintaining the status quo. The experts call it the state of Homeostasis:

“The automatic tendency to maintain a relatively constant internal environment. “ ISSA

So basically, our bodies refuse to change, to improve, get stronger, or lose weight until significant change occurs. Until it (the body) goes beyond what it is accustom, the body will draw upon Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion: A body at rest tends to stay at rest until acted on by an equal or greater force.

To create the conditions necessary for improved fitness (i.e. increased strength or weight loss) our bodies demand that we introduce new and increasingly difficult experiences to our workout routine. Increased fitness requires increased effort.

In all exercise programs remember the Boot Camp Examiner mantra: "Don't do more than you should. Don't do less than you can."

People still want to know, How do I get fit?

Volumes are written on the subject. Here's the information broken down and put on a shelf we can all reach:

Two quick (simple) steps to erase workout uncertainty and propel you toward greater fitness:

1. A journal. Write down what you are doing now. Keep track of when you exercise, the duration of the workouts and the amount of weight you lift or speed at which you move. Get it all down on paper.

2. Slowly and gradually begin to increase the intensity of your recorded workouts. Run a bit farther or faster, add a little extra weight (5%) to the bar, ad a few minutes to your workout. Write the new numbers down and look for continued and gradual increases over time.

Becoming fit is worth the effort.

Train well. Live Well.



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