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Fitness-friendly cocktail options

Drink diet-friendly booze
Drink diet-friendly booze

It might feel good to unwind with a beer or cocktail after a long workout, but if you're not careful your happy hour (or hours) could undo the hard work you put in at the gym. So should you skip happy hour? You don't necessarily have to. There are some fitness-friendly drinks that you can order that will honor your commitment to a better body and keep your workout program on track

Best fitness-friendly drink choices

You probably already know that high calorie frozen drinks should be off the menu for people who are watching their calories. You can undo your entire workout with a single Pina Colada or Margarita if you're not careful. And even some beers can total up to 300 calories.

Instead, opt for a single serving of wine (that's only 5 ounces!) for about 100 calories or a 95-calorie beer like Amstel Light. And beware of the so-called "skinny" cocktails. Some brands, like Skinnygirl, advertise that their drinks are low in calories but that's only because the serving size is exceptionally small.

Try of these options as well

Pros and cons of drinking

Even though there are diet-friendly drinks available, it doesn't mean that you should necessarily indulge. There are pros and cons to drinking if you are trying to get fit or lose weight.

The calories in alcoholic drinks add up quickly - which is a definite downside if you are trying to get lean. In addition, you're not likely to eat a healthy diet when you imbibe. For those reasons, many people quit drinking to lose weight or while they are training for a specific event.

But for people who are trying to maintain their weight or simply incorporate regular workouts into a healthy lifestyle, low calorie drink options make it easy and reasonable to do.

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