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Fitness Fridays with Shayne

Professional Fitness Instructor Shayne Staley

If your week’s been filled with binging, boozing, and bad sleep, Fitness Fridays are for you. Bloggers and sisters Maria and Alyssa started Spinach For Breakfast which features a workout designed by personal trainer and fitness instructor Shayne Staley. The Total Body Power Workout can be done at home – no gym membership required! Shayne created a series of exercises that can be modified to accommodate any level of flexibility and endurance.

Watch Shayne as she demonstrates the following workout:

Before you start: warm up for 3-5 minutes (stretching is recommended)

The Total Body Power Workout: A series of exercises completed in 1 minute intervals with 15 seconds of rest in between. Repeat the series 3 times.

1. Plank: open-close-in-outs (1 minute)
2. Alternating Lunge Jumps (1 minute)
3. Power Push-ups (1 minute)
4. Skater Hops (1 minute)
5. Crunch Pulses (1 minute)
6. Jump Rope (1 minute)

When it’s over: cool down for 5 minutes (stretching is recommended)

After your workout, treat yourself to some “clean” eats. Spinach For Breakfast houses a number of easy-to-make, delicious-to-eat recipes. Watermelon/cucumber salad, chicken tenders, and raw brownie bites just to name a few. There are also a host of tasty gluten-free options.

Workout with Shayne! Classes held at the Mercedes Club and New York Sports Club

Arrange a private training session with Shayne

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