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Fitness Flower your way to Michelle Obama arms

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Surely all the women in America have taken notice of First Lady Michelle Obama's envious arms. Even though you'd really like to steal her exact ones, this examiner is quite certain she's kind of attached to them and rather fond. There are, however, little steps that you can take that hopefully soon will render the best compliment. Ever.

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"You have Michelle Obama arms."

Score one for womankind. Some women are intimidated by the gym while others have little time to devote between full time jobs and child rearing. Fear not, women of America. Fitness Flower brings a beginning solution so great that you'll have to stop yourself from screaming, "Let's move!"

The Bathroom Begonia by Fitness Flower is a cute, little reminder that you can hang in your break room, bathroom, or any mirror for that matter. The flower even comes with quick workouts that even the busiest of women can accomplish in a matter of minutes. Attached is a timer to boot. If you have even eight minutes in the morning, you can do all of it even while doing your normal "beauty in the bathroom" routine.

Brushing teeth (2 minutes) = Toned thighs and buns

Flossing (1 minute) = Strong stomach

Moisturizing (1 minute) = Sleek calf muscles

Drying hands (1 minute) = Defined shoulders

Gargling mouthwash (1 minute) = Cut triceps

Brushing hair (2 minutes) = Total body strength

Increase your health and well being without increasing your to-do list in eight minutes flat. In Bathroom Begonias we trust.

For the divine price of $19.95 that you could spend on a fast food meal alone, the Bathroom Begonia comes with a bonus. You'll receive the Reading Rose Bookmark, which has six extra exercises you can do without even getting out of bed.

Estelle Shaw, Fitness Flower's founder quotes, “I’m passionate about helping women focus on health and wellness without asking them to devote precious time exclusively to exercise."

Fitness Flower also makes the Office Orchid, which is a 24 oz. double walled tumbler that contains illustrations of exercises by the renowned Greg Paprocki and it also helps keep you hydrated throughout the day. All exercises are done while executing your everyday work place tasks. Now that’s some serious multi-tasking. You also receive a bonus Office Orchid bookmark with six stretches you can do without leaving your desk chair as well as a brochure and checklist to ensure you get the most from your workout. The Office Orchid retails for $18 and helps keep you on-point with your water intake for the day.

Now ladies, let's move! For more information, check out Fitness Flower via their website here. Cheers to enjoying your very own set of soon-to-be Michelle Obama arms.

You can also follow @fitnessflower and @ladyobamasarms on Twitter for all things fitness and fun related. Enjoy, friends.