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Fitness fads in the news: Madonna's coconut water, BodyJuggling DVD, better stairs for a better body

 U.S singer Madonna performs on stage, during her Sticky and Sweet tour at the O2 arena, in London, Saturday, July 4 2009. (AP Photo/Joel Ryan)
U.S singer Madonna performs on stage, during her Sticky and Sweet tour at the O2 arena, in London, Saturday, July 4 2009. (AP Photo/Joel Ryan)
Madonna Sticky and Sweet tour

Madonna's cracked the secret of fitness (again). 

Madonna has kicked off her summer European tour and the 50-year-old wonder body is apparently looking better than ever. 

And aren't you glad we have the inside scoop on that, thanks to the Queen of Pop's personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, who told Mail Online that the beautiful bod is due to the coconut water she has all her clients drink. 

  • See slides of Madonna's Sticky and Sweet tour

We also find out that Anderson has completely changed Madonna's workout routine. Anderson claims that, "I told her to forget everything she had been taught before and to give up yoga, which can make you look terribly veiny."

Could it be that the  "veins" remark, and the entire "new workout" spin, is due to an article that Mail Online (UK's Daily Mail) wrote last July in which they noted that Madonna was seen wearing, "a T-shirt which exposed the veins standing out on arms subjected to endless workouts."

BodyJuggling - they say it's so easy a beginner can do it.  Uh, a begining what - Circque du Solei performer?

OK, fine.  Let the company's PR call BodyJuggling   "Zen in Motion." Attribute it to "years of meditation, spiritual discipline, martial arts and yoga," and tell us how good it is for weight loss. 

But looking at the YouTube video (below) it's hard to believe that anyone would attempt this at home.   Maybe the recent press release was really the first step in a greater plan to franchise the workout and become the next Zumba?  

Not to be a skeptic, but: for real folks?  If anyone has done BodyJuggling, write in and let us know how long it took to master the basics.

UPDATE, October 1:  As you'll see in the comments, the BodyJuggling community has spoken!  They love it - which is why it's always more fun to hear from participants than press releases.  We'll be looking for opportunities to write more about BodyJuggling in the future.

That stairway in your office building could soon offer everything but a shower. 

Thanks to for reporting on an article in The Southern Medical Journal,  in which  researchers said that even a moderate increase in the use of stairs could play a role in helping to solve the nation’s weight problem.

"Now, researchers are urging building designers to rethink their approach to stairs," said the Times, "even including using music — to encourage people to use them more."

Among the improvements being recommended for the stairway of the future: art, music, carpeting, air conditioning.

Sorry I was late to the meeting boss, but the stretch station on the 15th floor landing was having a Jane Fonda retrospective.



  • Steffi 5 years ago

    Loved the body juggling video but not trying it any time soon.

  • SaTek 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for the coverage, but I would like for readers to know that the above video is a performance piece, not the workout we teach in the Level 1 DVD. This practice is taught in a progressive manner and everyone from the elderly to children to sufferers of chronic pain are able to benefit from these techniques. To get a view of the actual class and the wide demographic of people who enjoy practicing this art search youtube for BodyJuggling and you will find several promos of normal people getting their groove on. Unfortunately, this comment pod will not let me enter links;P

    Thanks again for the coverage!


  • Amy 5 years ago

    Thanks SaTek - And readers - if you are looking for a fun, interesting change up to your workout, do what he suggests and go to YouTube for actual class-type videos. SaTek, I'll email you and see if we can do an interview so you can recommend the best steps for people who are interested.

  • Cynthia 5 years ago

    Bodyjuggling is super fun and a beginning class is accessible to anyone. The first time I ever tried it, I kept thinking, "This is so easy, I can do this, hey, I'm even good at it!". The next day, every muscle in my body ached! I couldn't believe I had worked so many muscle groups. SaTek is the expert - of course he makes it look easy and hard at the same time, but get the Level 1 DVD, it's really fun!

  • John 5 years ago

    This looks like the coolest workout ever!
    Thanks for the information.

  • Jenny 5 years ago

    BodyJuggling is a blast and brings out the kid in me! Not to mention, I lost 15 pounds in two weeks just by playing on a ball for 20 minutes a day. Get the workout DVD, it's not like the video above - it's geared towards someone who's never been on the ball before. You'll have a BALL!

  • Shaddicus 5 years ago

    I used the Body Juggling level one video, and it really did come easily. I've been using my own creativity to expand beyond the beginner stuff, though I'm no where near SaTek's skills. I can't vouch for it as weight loss, but I haven't felt this in touch with my body in 15 years.

  • Joseph 5 years ago

    BodyJuggling is an awesome workout! When I first watched the BodyJuggling Promo I thought I would need to be an acrobat to do the stuff. Then I watched the BodyJuggling Level 1 DVD and started playing and it was amazing. SaTek shows people how to do really simple balance stuff and stretches at first, like yoga and qigong on the ball, then he gradually increases the challenge. Before long you are doing stuff that appears challenging, but is really so easy and fun. It has given me great confidence that I can do stuff I never thought I was capable of. I would recommend it to everyone!

  • Claudette 5 years ago

    I love body juggling. Not only is it a wonderful workout but it is simply fun. You feel seven years old when you do it. I have worked out 5-7 times a week for 20+ years so have done almost every exercise that has been invented. This by far is my favorite. I am very impressed with how my balance has improved.

  • David 5 years ago

    I was lucky enough to take a beginners class for body jugging. Although it looks extremely difficult I was able to adapt pretty quickly to the basics. I have played soccer my whole life and trained for a marathon and can honestly say body jugging is as an exhausting workout that really works your on core muscles. I think the video is more a demonstration of what one might be able to achieve after years of body juggling workouts and practice.

  • Inbal 5 years ago

    I am so happy and thankful that i found Body Juggling on the internet. I am now learning to be a Body Juggling teacher. As a Pilates instructor I find BJ to be a great workout.
    I study via the internet, exchanging videos with SaTek.[as i live out of the U.S.A]
    If you do not know BJ, I recommend it wholeheartedly.

  • KAIZEN 5 years ago

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