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Fitness expert survives brain tumor: Her bikini-body weight loss tips

Fitness expert Tracey Mallett, a brain cancer survivor, dishes weight loss, diet and Barre workout secrets
Tracey Mallett, creator of the Booty Barre method.

Fitness expert Tracey Mallett, creator of the Booty Barre method, is in phenomenal shape, so it's hard to believe that just seven months ago she underwent surgery for brain cancer and had 40 staples in her head.

Tracey, a mom of two, was floored when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in November 2013, especially since she has always followed a healthy diet and worked out regularly.

"You go from being the healthiest person in the world to being told you've got a brain tumor and possibly may die," Mallett recalled.

After coming to grips with her illness, Tracey underwent surgery to remove the brain tumor. The health scare taught Mallett some important lessons on emotional resilience, and made her even more determined to inspire others to lead an active lifestyle, especially as numerous scientific studies confirm that exercise is literally the fountain of youth and can prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Tracey Credits Booty Barre Workouts For 55-Pound Weight Loss

Mallett, creator of the Booty Barre workout series, said anyone can get in great shape by exercising. Tracey gained 55 pounds while pregnant, but lost the weight by eating well and doing her Booty Barre workouts, which combine strength-training, Pilates, yoga, and cardio. Mallett revealed her post-baby weight loss secrets in her book, Super Fit Mama.

The British beauty said consistency is the key to having a great body. "Exercise is a priority in my life, and I practice what I preach," said Tracey, who juggles being a mother, wife, and owner of a Pilates studio in Los Angeles.

Tracey, who has rippling six-pack abs, is her own best advertisement for her exercise DVDs. "Exercise makes you look and feel your best, and the best part is, you don't need to do long, grueling workouts to get in shape," she said.

Mallett's latest workout video, Bikini Body Absolution, provides two 20-minute workouts to burn fat fast and get you bikini-ready just in time for summer.

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