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Fitness expert offers tips to add more movement during everyday tasks while improving health

Lisa Seneker teaches a class at The Wellness Center in Macon.
Lisa Seneker teaches a class at The Wellness Center in Macon.
Anissa Coleman

The number one reason people are overweight is they don't exercise, according to Lisa Seneker, a fitness trainer in Macon.

So adding exercise to a daily routine is imperative to better health. But that doesn't mean you must start out running a marathon. You can add exercise to your schedule simply by moving more than normal. Seneker has declared her 2010 theme to be "more movement."

"I'm trying to get people to make little changes and channel my love of exercise to others," she said. Seneker teaches about 10 exercise classes weekly and shares her more movement motto daily with others.

Seneker offers the following tips to add more activity to your daily life:

  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  2. While waiting in the carpool line, get out and walk.
  3. Don't use the drive-thru while running errands. Get out and walk into the building.
  4. Park your car as far away as possible.
  5. When taking trash to the end of your driveway, walk back and forth a few times
  6. When getting the mail, walk around the block once.
  7. During television commercials, do some pushups, squats or other exercises.
  8. Jump on the trampoline with your kids.
  9. Take your kid's scooter for a spin.
  10. Stretch while pumping gas into your car.

"If you want to move well in the second half of your life, you have to move now," Seneker said.

Moving now will benefit individuals in many ways, she said.

  1. You will have less stress.
  2. You will burn more calories.
  3. You will sleep better.
  4. You will have more energy.
  5. You will reduce your blood pressure if it is high.
  6. You will feel great.
  7. You will have a better sex life.
  8. You will be stronger.
  9. You will lower your risk of heart failure, which is the number one killer of women.
  10. You will look amazing.


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