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Fitness exercise of the day, home workout for ladies (video)

Here is your fitness exercise video of the day a great home exercise video workout for ladies. It works the entire body and so if you will just do these simple exercises you can get some great results. And that is the entire point of these videos.

Exercise must be done daily for your to get the full benefits and as much as you don't want to hear it, the exercise program must be longer than 4 minutes and must involve....get ready. Dropping your fork. You can not eat junk food and lose your weight and tone your body. It just won't work, and you can't work one body part alone (ie abs) and build nice legs and nice arms. That just doesn't work either.

Please use some common sense and understand that when you see the great fitness models in the commercials, they did not get that way doing the ab roller, or hip hop dancing. They did an entire body workout, not just abs or dancing and you know that is true. Yet everyday people line up to buy the latest gimmick or jump on the latest fitness fad, that doesn't work out their entire body and will never give them the results they want.

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