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Fitness does not have to be a chore

Keeping fitness simple is not as hard as you think.  Let's take for example house cleaning.  You have to use a reciprocating motion to run a vacuum cleaner, plus you have to move back and forth with your feet. Add dance to it   You have to bend down to pick up objects or even push objects to clean. Add music to it and you will have a workout. House cleaning does not have to be a chore.  You know, whistle while you work, well dance while you work 

All of this movement gets your body moving.
That is what you want. Exercising elevates mood. It increases serotonin levels in the brain.  What a better way to start exercising is using what you have, a  vacuum cleaner, a duster and a broom.  A broom could be use to do side bends for the obliques and even a standing crunch.  If you have stairs in your home, you could also use your stairs for a simple yet productive workout.  Use 2 steps and make a routine out of it.  Step up, step down. Add your arms, one up, one down.  Make it fun! 

The point is get your body moving. This is a simple way for those who need to begin exercising.  Find your favorite music.  Use your ipod or mp3 and find your favorite songs that will get you moving ,  Again, have fun with it and make fitness fun . It doesn't have to be a chore.


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