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Fitness competition Hackfit in Philly during April Tech Week

In the fall of 2013, 170 developers, designers, and entrepreneurs of various backgrounds arrived at the first ever Hackfit event in Cambridge, MA with one goal in mind: to build new technology that would make the world a healthier and happier place. However, the stereotypical Redbull-fueled ‘hacker’ or ‘coder’ is the last thing you’ll find at Hackfit.

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Hackfit Philly
Hackfit Philly
Hackfit Philly

Hackfit is a 3-day fitness-infused startup competition for engineers, marketers, and entrepreneurs interested in building health, fitness, and digital sport technology apps and devices. Hackfit, a Boston based startup, promises everything from rock climbing to muay thai training sprinkled in between intense ideation and rapid prototyping sessions. After only one year, Hackfit promises to bring its series to 10 US cities and empower over 2,000 entrepreneurs in 2014, all on a mission to making the world a healthier place.

The second Hackfit event of 2014, Hackfit Philadelphia, will take place during the opening weekend of Philly Tech Week, from Friday April 4th to Sunday April 6th, and will be hosted at a handful of venues across the city. The majority of the coding and building sessions will take place at Impact HUB Philly, the mission-driven, socially-conscious coworking space in Northern Liberties.

Hackfit’s fitness offerings will take place at notable locations including GoVertical rock gym, and CityFitness. Hackfit promises to challenge participants both mentally and physically with the ultimate goal of shifting the unhealthy stereotype of the startup world toward one of wellbeing, health, and vitality.

“I don’t associate Hackfit with the word hackathon,” notes Hackfit founder Justin Mendelson, “the word hackathon is associated with a plethora of unhealthy behaviors, and we are the antithesis of that.” Hackfit is starting to catch on with a unique demographic previously unseen at traditional hacking events. “On average, our Hackfitters are 28 years old, have 3-4 years professional experience, and we have over 35% women who register. It’s exciting to be rallying such a talented and electric community of people dedicated to getting the world in shape” Mendelson states.

Additionally, Hackfit partners with non-profits in every city where it hosts its events with the purpose of providing opportunities for social entrepreneurs to tackle real health problems within the local community. The social partner in Philadelphia is soon to be announced.

“Hackfit is for those who believe that work, play, and health are not mutually exclusive,” says Mendelson. If you’re a health-loving techie or entrepreneur looking for a weekend chock-full of brainstorming, prototyping, rock climbing, yoga, and CrossFit, check out the Hackfit Philadelphia Registration Page and sign up prior to the event date, April 4th.

If you’re interested in learning more about Hackfit, visit their home page at You can find their 2014 event lineup at Please direct inquiries to

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