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Fitness and safety, why you should avoid distractions

A personal alarms
A personal alarms
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The writer would normally write about fitness trends, diets and ways to stay fit. The writer often tries to stay in the know when it comes to diet and fitness. But this month the writer wants to write about the ways to stay safe while exercising. The writer cannot ignore these recent stories of child abductions and sexual assault. The more disturbing fact is that more of these crimes are occurring in very safe neighborhoods, middle class and above and also in broad daylight. Another disturbing factor is that the criminals of these crimes are the very people we as society would trust such as football coaches, football stars and sadly some of our police force. For further proof of this disturbing trend, check out the links at the end of the article. The bottom line here is this, when you are exercising out in the public, in your neighbor hood, at a public gym, is to always be aware of your surroundings. Criminals always try to catch people off guard, when they decide to attack someone. That is their advantage; they want to catch you when you as a person are most vulnerable. But there are things you can do to get that advantage back to put the criminal on the defense or at a disadvantage.

The key to safe running or exercising outside and in public spaces is to remove things from your environment that can cause you to be distracted. Distractions can put any person at risk for unforeseen dangers that a less distracted person would be more aware of. The writer has mentioned this before, IPods maybe great for the quality of music they produce but these devices can muffle sounds of trouble. The sounds of trouble the writer is mentioning is a car door opening, a person footsteps walking behind you, even a stray dog. Also, when you are at a health club or local gym, try and keep texting to a minimum or don’t text at all. Texting is a very distracting and again when a person focuses on that task, he or she may not be aware of someone watching them or following them while they are leaving the health club. The writer is also once again suggesting that everyone that is exercising out in the public to beware of escape routes, in case someone appears to be following you, whether or not you are walking, jogging in your neighborhood or just driving home from a public exercise facility. Always look for different ways to get home whether by foot, bicycle or vehicle. The writer does not recommend carrying any kind of weapon with you, because it can be taken away and used against you, but certainly the choice is yours and yours alone. The writer would advocate having a personal alarm system that would at least alert others to your distress and to bring attention to yourself. The key here is to alert others that you are indeed in danger and need assistance, in case you are not able to scream or run away. There are many available at different prices, please view the links below for more information. Finally try to exercise with a friend that can provide another set of eyes and ears in case of potential trouble. For more information please contact the writer through