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Fitness activities you can do with your kids, walking can be fun

In the last article the writer talked about ways to make fitness fun by involving your child or someone else’s child. Well here is another simple activity to do with your kids and that is walking. For some people walking can be mundane and a boring activity, a person can lose interest quickly. But when you take a child for walk, it can be a more fun and interesting activity please check out the writer’s goofy video with his daughter. Kids in general are curious individuals and they will point out things to you the adult that might miss. Such as in this case after winter, they will point out that plants are starting to sprout or grow again along the fields next to the sidewalks. They may also point out the different kind of birds that are flying around or the bugs crawling on the ground. And at the same time it is also important to help the child stay motivated with the fun walk as well by helping them understand the importance of regular exercise and by walking in goofy ways such as backwards or sideways. Before heading out here are some things to do before the walk, such as applying sunscreen, you don’t want your little one to get sunburned. Carry a light knapsack that should contain a couple bottles of water to keep you child hydrated, the writer tells his daughter the water is liquid energy. Thirdly, allow your child to take small breaks during the walk especially if they are walking longer distances than they are used to. You don’t want your child to have a bad experience during this activity or else they may decline to participate next time. For more information please check out the links below or contact the writer through