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Fitness: A healthy way to resolve emotional issues according to fitness experts

Exercise, exercise and exercise. While most people made those new year's resolution to be fit and healthy they have to check their fitness calendar as days turns into weeks. It is true that as one wakes up everyday the thought of working out is not an easy one. People just have to get some inspiration to some fitness guru and famous personal trainers in order to maintain their fitness goals this year. The question remains on finding those key elements that will bring out success in one's workout.

Fitness for daily health

What fitness expert says

Harley Pasternak, 39 years old, with master's degree in exercise physiology and nutrition sciences from the University of Toronto, who also trained superstars including Lady Gaga and a bestselling author of "The Body Reset Diet"says,"The more that science tells us that shorter, simple workouts and lower intensity daily activity are the best way for us to get healthy and stay healthy, the more we are bombarded by fitness programs and diets that delineate the exact opposite." Pasternak observed that Americans are over-exercising and underactive. He believes that people need to be active all day like walking most of the time and skipping the escalator by taking the stairs.

He added that he does 15 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights each day. His warning note goes, "Ten thousand steps is not enough to make up for a bad diet. The 10 healthiest countries all take more steps than we do. And they don't know what a ThighMaster is."

Lacey Stone, 33 years old,Wisconsin native, played basketball at the University of Maine at Orono and one of the sought-after trainer and fitness businesswoman, with classes in Los Angeles and New York. She specializes in athletic outdoor BootyCamp workouts and indoor cycling (in Los Angeles, at Flywheel). She runs, hikes and plays tennis. Stone says, "It oozes out of my pores that I want you to have fun."

Stone added,"I've just started to take yoga, and I'm strong, and I'm terrible at it. Yoga is about flow, and I'm about force and to be balanced, you need both."Finally, according to her, there are three (3) aspects of life that should be in balance: professional, personal and physical. Stone noted this important statement, "If one of those is out of whack, you're unhappy. And that's really why you came to see me. We can work out forever and you'll still eat the cupcakes because your boyfriend's cheating on you."

Jason Wimberly, 31 years old, a former ballet dancer, works as a trainer, fitness instructor, model, activist and is the director of operations for Clover Juice, a small chain of cold-pressed juice bars. He is teaching more than 10 classes a week in Spinning and other pursuits at Equinox gyms and using his "Wimberlean" body sculpting technique, which has been taught at gyms around the country. He was a finalist on the reality show "Fit or Flop." In his statement at the Mansion gym in West Hollywood which is one of the places where he trains clients he goes,"There's far too much time spent looking in the mirror and critiquing ourselves. People have to start with accepting themselves and not plunge in to lose-30-pounds-in-30 day programs that leave them feeling like failures if they don't lose it all."

Wimberly adds that too many people fail to include stretching in their workouts and stated, "You have to work hard, but you have to recover." He further says he prefers workouts that lead to strength and flexibility without too much competition — and "no phones, no texts, no kids. It's like mini-therapy."

Amen Iseghohi, a 37-year-old father of five, spent summers on his grandmother's farm in Benin, in West Africa, where he and other children played with the tires they found around them. The former professional rugby player came to the United States in 2003 and he founded Amenzone Fitness, a franchise gym company that focuses on a back-to-basics approach using tires. He also founded Amenzone Foundation to help fight childhood obesity and encourage self-esteem. Iseghohi says, "All you need is some trash and some inspiration. I saw a kid considered overweight, and I thought it was a pity. He looked like he lacked self-esteem, the way he walked."

Iseghoni, as a boy was taught by his grandmother to use what you have. So, those recycled tires are the basis of Amenzone Fitness, Iseghohi's growing chain of studios. He added by saying,"My friends and family thought I had completely lost my mind." The first studio in the L.A. area opened last year in Manhattan Beach. There are plenty of tires and inspiration, including messages on the exposed brick walls and a saying at the end of class. It's a high-intensity workout that uses the tires as weights and steps and obstacles. They also have classes for children.

Jillian Michaels, 39 years old, tv's tough fitness guru is best known for her role on "The Biggest Loser," where she’s part butt-kicker, part lifestyle coach, and part weight-loss mentor. Michaels said as she took a patio seat on a recent Sunday morning outside the Los Angeles-area stables this, "It's really about looking at the root of unhappiness in people's lives. It's about rebooting your life."

Michaels stated this showing her softer side,"That's when we realized the show wasn't about calories and crunches. And that's when it became a life-makeover show." The gym, she says, is merely her tool to crack people open. Exhaust someone physically and mentally and it's that much easier to get them to address emotional issues. Once she's identified the problem — "the 'why' of it all, what's holding you back, why are you turning to food, why aren't you accomplishing what you want to accomplish, what is it that you do want to accomplish" – the rest, she said, becomes easy. She continues to inspire others with her newly released workout DVD, "Yoga Inferno," and her “Maximize Your Life” speaking tour, which focuses on goal-setting, happiness-making, and harnessing potential.

Finally, she added by saying,"If you have a 'why' to live for. You can tolerate any 'how.'"

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