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Fitness 2010 getting started

man running
man running

We are about to complete our first month of 2010, did you make a New Year's resolution to be healthier and begin a fitness plan? Or maybe your plan goes back farther than your 2010 new year's resolution, way back farther. There is no gift greater than health and you should find someone who has a consistent work out regiment who regrets it or could even stand themselves if they miss a session.

Step one is the most difficult and most important step. Because we are creatures of habit and perform most of our daily task from muscle and mental memory, developing this habit is critical. We all have to exercise, no human being is exempt. Finding that particular motivation that will push you until you develop that muscle and mental memory is your first task. This must be a motivation that will push you beyond mental and physical exhaustion, and beyond your personal vices.

Again task one, find this motivator and make the commitment, how bad do you want or need to change your lifestyle. Second get a calendar, whatever calendar you use to map out your schedule. Not having time is a great excuse, drop it right now. Schedule time that is realistic and initially match your degree of motivation. At a minimum, three days a week to start though 5 days is better. Plan one hour at a time that works best for you. Many people find mornings or evenings best but you need to work this out to your schedule. Here is one of the most important keys to fitness, consistency! Without consistency, you will fail so plan your calendar with consistency. Make sure to record in your calendar what you did and that it was completed. This is a great motivator and helps to plan your ongoing regiment.

Your third task, find friends that will join you though don't make this a prerequisite and depend on someone else with your health and fitness. However starting to work out with a friend can be a great push for you to start. Then find some things that you enjoy that will get you moving, walking, running, swimming, biking, yoga, golf, and tennis to mention just a few. Some keys here, you must enjoy it, and select more than one to intermix during appropriate climate seasons and to prevent boredom and complacency. Plan on performing a task for at least 30 minutes book ended with warming up and stretching and cooling down. You can incorporate sit ups, push-ups, back and leg exercises to round out a minimum of one hour.

We are out of time and this is a lot for anyone who is literally getting started.  Again the first steps are critical and remember you need to keep moving, just keep moving!