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Fitchburg woman outraged over shelter's excuse for killing family dog

Capone, a dog euthanized by animal control without trying to find his family first.
Capone, a dog euthanized by animal control without trying to find his family first.
Maghan Moynihan courtesy of WHDH

Maghan Moynihan is beside herself regarding the excuse the Fitchburg Animal Shelter has given as to why it euthanized her dog only 48 hours after Capone escaped his yard, without even trying to find his family first.

On Easter Sunday, Capone, a two year old pit bull mix, escaped his home and yard without his collar on. Moynihan immediately called animal control to alert them and set out to search for her dog.

Moynihan said the animal control officer, Sue Kowaleski, was familiar with Capone, who had escaped the yard in the past. Apparently Kowaleski was out sick and never got the message that Moynihan left.

According to Moynihan, as stated by the Sentinel and Enterprise News, Capone was a gentle, sweet dog who never showed any signs of aggression, claiming he was the “perfect dog”. But the Fitchburg Animal Shelter euthanized him because he allegedly attacked another dog in the kennels. Moynihan refuses to believe this.

Gabriel Lorman is the one who found Capone and called animal control. Lorman stated that Capone was friendly and not vicious. He said the killing of Capone was “ridiculous” and “unjustified,” according to the Sentinel and Enterprise News.

Officials from the shelter could not comment since the investigation is ongoing but the volunteers said that Capone was vicious and aggressive. According to the volunteers, Capone had attacked another dog, which in turn became aggressive and attacked the part-time shelter manager, Amy Egeland.

Allegedly, Capone was a “known problem” in the city of Lawrence.

Less than 48 hours of Capone escaping his yard, Moynihan received a phone call to come identify his body; he had already been euthanized. The shelter did not contact Moynihan prior to killing her dog. Capone did not have the chance to go back home nor did his owner have a say as to the outcome of the allegations against him.

Though Kowaleski was out sick and did not see Capone, she authorized his euthanization.

Moynihan wants the responsible parties fired. She doesn't believe the story the shelter has used, claiming she had often taken Capone to get groomed or to the vet without incident.

Family pet put down by Fitchburg animal control without stray hold

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