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Fitbit Ultra is a handy high tech fitness companion

Get out and "get fit" with the help of the Fitbit Ultra
Get out and "get fit" with the help of the Fitbit Ultra

It has taken some doing, but I'm becoming a believer in fitness gadgets and devices.
I had a good experience wit the Jawbone UP until the innovative device broke and disintegrated after a couple months of use.

The Fitbit Ultra

I was excited this summer to get a Fitbit Ultra and see how this device compared. With my wife on a new exercise and health kick, I thought she should try the Fitbit and maybe it would giver her some motivation with her diet.

It's worked, she loves it and won't give it back.

If you aren't familiar with this device that has almost been out for a year, the Fitbit Ultra is a fitness tracker that clips to a belt or sleeve and transmits your daily steps, sleep patterns and calorie burn to a recharging and sync dock that's attached to your Mac or PC. Fitbit released apps to go with their device and users had all of their data at right on all of their gadgets.

The Fitbit also comes with a sleep tracker, but I preferred the sleep tracker in the Jawbone UP. In my opinion, the UP did a better job of accurately tracking sleep. Still it is pretty cool that something is tracking you while you sleep.

Like social media? Well good, the Fitbit has a social media component where you can tell your Twitter followers and Facebook friends what you've been up to.

It's a coll little device and at under $100 it's worth it, if you are going to use it on a regular basis.

You can get one at or


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