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Fitbit Force recall and refund info: Wristband tracker causing rashes

Fitbit Force recall due to people developing rashes from the wristband.
Fitbit Force website

The Fitbit Force wristband activity trackers are causing users to experience skin rashes, prompting the Fitbit Company to offer refunds to anyone experiencing this problem. According to CNN News on Feb. 21, the skin rashes are reported in about 1.7% of the Fitbit Force users.

The rash is assumed to be an allergic contact dermatitis, which could be caused by one of a few different things, such as a reaction to the nickel used in part of the wristband. The rashes could also possibly be an irritation from the adhesives. They also said it could be another material used in manufacturing the Fitbit that is causing the reported rashes, but they are just not sure of the origin of these irritations.

The Fitbit Force wristbands sell for $130 and it tracks the user’s activities such as how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, distance you’ve gone and your sleep patterns. It then “syncs” the information into your smartphone or computer.

The company will take back your Fitbit Force wristband and issue a refund. Folks looking for a refund are asked to fill out a form here at Fitbit and they will receive a kit in the mail to use for returning the Fitbit for a refund.

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