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Fit Mommy: Eating healthy after baby

Salads are a great nutritional meal
Salads are a great nutritional meal
Photo by Neilson Barnard

Once your little one pops out there is no more excuses to eat those bad foods you were craving. You can't blame it on the baby, saying "well the baby wants me to eat this cupcake, so i have to". You can't blame it on hormones or the fact that you think you can eat whatever you want because your supposed to eat about 300 more calories a day when pregnant. Now it's time to start eating better, especially if your a breastfeeding momma. Whatever you eat, your baby will eat through your breast milk. Here are a few ideas for you to enjoy during your meal times.


Start your day out right with a good healthy breakfast. If you eat something healthy first thing in the morning, it helps motivate you to keep eating healthy the rest of the day. Try some oatmeal with a banana or apple thrown into it. Some healthy cereal like Special K, Cheerios or oatmeal squares. If your in the mood to cook up something quick, egg whites give you that protein you need along with being a super healthy meal. Add a side of fruit and you've got yourself a great breakfast!


Eat a light lunch, nothing too heavy. Sandwiches on whole wheat bread are a great and nutritional lunch. Add some veggies and light dressing to it to make it even more delicious. Tuna or chicken salad is also a great meal for lunch time, plus they are both packed with protein. Salads made with light dressing or no dressing at all can be very good for you. Add some grilled chicken to add some more flavor. Try to have a side of fruit and/or veggies with your lunches.


Grilled foods are great for dinner. Grilled chicken, steak or fish are packed with protein and taste great too! Grill up some veggies and have a side of carbs. Sweet potatoes or some spaghetti squash are a great addition to your dinner.

Remember to watch your portions. Don't over due any of your meals. Add in some healthy snacks throughout the day to keep your hunger controlled. Try not to drink any soda's or sugary drinks. Water is always your best option. Add some lemons or strawberries to give it a nice flavor!

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