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Fit Body: Clean cuisine meets comfort food

Fit Body Bistro has food you know, but it's better for you.
Nancy Munro

When you think of healthy eating, you probably think of salad bars, smoothies and pretty simple preparations.

A stop at Jupiter's Fit Body Bistro will reshape your thinking, literally and figuratively.

Perfectly located to serve the active Abacoa residents, scientists at Max Planck/Scripps Research and plaza shoppers, Fit Body is more than drinks, leafy greens and plain Jane fare. The paper menu is a twelve-panel foldout that lists not only the bill of fare, but how many ounces of each item are in an order, the calories, protein, carbs, fat, sugar, fiber and sodium. And that’s every item on the menu, right down to the condiments.

But what sets this place apart from other healthy cafes or organic restaurants is the breadth of offerings. There is real food here. It’s not just about protein powder-packed concoctions, bowls of beans and grains piled too high, or breads so healthy with seeds and nuts you can use the slices as wallboard. Food choices are offered a la carte, individual meals or meal plans, and it’s food you will recognize. One day’s special was the Alabama Slammer, slow-simmered pulled pork. There’s plenty of beef on the menu, from sirloin tips to burgers, not to mention chicken, tilapia and salmon. Vegetarians will have no problem here, with plenty of beans, cheese, eggs and yes, salads. Breakfasts include things you love, such as French toast, blueberry pancakes and omelets, but the secret here is portion control, and using ingredients that are hormone, antibiotic and gluten-free. And even kids’ standard favorites, like peanut butter and banana and grilled cheese sandwiches are here, but with a healthy makeover that moms will like.

The Fit Body Meal Plan is a full day (or more) of meals packed up and ready to go, individualized for men and women who are trying to lose, gain or maintain weight. As with everything else sold here, the fat, carbs and calories are spelled out for you, along with the portion size. If you hate the idea of cooking, making decisions or just plain trying to figure out what’s healthy and what isn’t, this could be a perfect solution for you. And if you like variety, you can order anything on the menu a la carte, whether it's a single beef power ball, sweet potato bite or blueberry protein pancake.

The bistro setting is warm, with woods, inviting chairs, textured wall hangings, music at a decent decibel level and the cleanest prep area imaginable. Nothing is hidden behind closed doors. Ordering is done at the counter and food is brought to your indoor or outdoor table. While everything is made to order, the service is reasonably fast, because preparations are kept simple.

Prices can add up fast if you dine a la carte, since items range from $1 to $4. The individual meals are fairly priced at $5.75 to $19, given that know the portion sizes. If you think the meal plan sounds like a good plan, prices range from $34.50 to $46.25 for women and $56.75 to $111.25 for men. Each meal plan pack is six to eight meals, enough for a day or two, depending on how you eat.

While Fit Body is certainly a place to find a post-power walk smoothie or a beans and brown rice bowl, you can also get food that makes you both happy and healthy.

Fit Body Bistro, 5440 Military Trail, Suite 1 (at Donald Ross Road, west side of the Publix plaza), Jupiter, FL. Phone (561) 627-5447(561) 627-5447. Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Delivery available on orders over $50. Online orders accepted.


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