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Fit in a minute

Free exercise advice
Free exercise advice
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Fit in a minute is an exercise program that can help you get in better health in no time. Just participate in any kind of exercise routine for a minute a day such as running, pushups and I guaranteed you will lose weight in no time. Now the writer has to tell my readers that was just a made up exercise program. However there are many articles online and in books that make those kinds of exaggerated claims, that a person can get fit with little effort or time involved, please check the links below. Now the writer used to believe in bed monsters and Kris Kringle when he was child but he learned as he grew up that some things that were told to him were simply not true. The writer also learned that the best way to improve one’s physical health is to eat less and to exercise more. Here is a key thing to consider when reading these online articles. Most experts agree that most people gain extra pounds over a period of time, not over night or even in a week. At the same time most experts also agree that to get physical fit and to lose weight a person has to commit to an exercise program more than more than one day a week. Yes you the reader do not have to be a workout warrior to achieve better health but at least try to exercise a couple days a week. And be very skeptical of so called experts that claim a person can get fit with little or no physical effort. As an often repeated saying goes “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”. For more information please check out the physical activity guideline link below, or contact the writer through