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Fistfight: Some inside dirt on Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber

According to the New York Post on July 31, there was a lot of background behind that swing Orlando Bloom took at Justin Bieber at a night club in Ibiza. Here’s some inside dirt.

More dirt on the Orlando Bloom/Justin Bieber tiff
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Miranda Kerr and Justin Bieber supposedly cozied up at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret modeling show. A source told The Post, “He (Orlando Bloom) never looked at her the same. “ What actually happened is up for debate and neither Kerr nor Bieber are spilling the beans. However, Bloom and Kerr split up the following year.

Everything came to a head at Cipriani, one of Ibiza’s hottest night spots when Bloom tried to land a haymaker on Bieber. Did he or didn’t he? Reports differ depending on whose camp you're listening to. The celebrity crowd got a big kick out of it, however, and seemed to be cheering Bloom on.

Justin Bieber likes to play the bad boy, so he is now getting back at Orlando Bloom. How? Well, the punch incident allegedly started when Bieber brushed by Bloom and whispered, “She was good,” referring to the 2012 whatever. Even after the punch throwing, he told Bloom, “Say hi to her.” He’s probably lucky Bloom didn't try again.

And then he uploaded a sexy bikini shot of Kerr on his Instagram account, knowing it would get Bloom’s goat. (He later deleted it.) Bieber is still a kid by his actions, despite being 20 years old now. Bieber was probably also attempting to get back at Bloom because of the rumors that Bloom had something going with Bieber’s on-again, off-again gal pal Selena Gomez.

So what’s in store for these two now? Nobody knows. Maybe they will keep their distance and maybe they won’t. And where, exactly, does Miranda Kerr actually fit into all of this? Since she’s not saying, it’s anybody’s guess.

If I were Orlando Bloom, I’d get set for more pranks and take them with a large grain of salt, possibly even the whole shaker.

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