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Fist of Justice Returns!

What began as a one-off, seven page story with a twist ending generated more positive feedback than Mike Imboden and Ed Dukeshire expected, so it was a simply jump for them to undo that twist ending and bring Fist of Justice back. Over the course of 10 issues (five lead stories in the Digital Webbing Presents anthology and five of his own book) they built the world of Fist of Justice and were on the edge of hitting that next level when real life unfortunately got in their way, as it does sometimes, and things ground to a halt. However, as life sometimes also does, doors open that were thought closed and locked. Everyone involved agreed that the time was right to pick up the pieces, continue what they started and turn Fist into the hero that they and their loyal fans who’d discovered him knew he could be. Now Imboden and Dukeshire are collecting the first story arc as well as producing an all-new sixth issue into a trade paperback and releasing it just a “little” past its original release date.

Look for the upcoming Trade Paperback!
Mike Imboden, Ed Dukeshire
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Mike Imboden, Ed Dukeshire

So If you’ve never seen Fist before and are wondering just who is this Fist of Justice guy? What’s the big deal? Well, Fist of Justice is a man out of time, a cat with his heart in the right place — a true hero from the ‘70s awakened in our current time. Fist of Justice was the super-heroic defender of Charm City until he made a fatal mistake that ended his career. He threw in the towel and was locked away and soon forgotten. Needless to say, his power — though dormant — did not actually leave him. Now it has returned and resurrected FOJ — restoring him as defender of a city dealing with the new villains of the 21st century; villains who, as it turn out, are tougher, stronger, and meaner than ever before.

During those initial 10 issues, Imboden and Dukeshire have had the pleasure of working with some very talented people, including Chad “Harley Quinn” Hardin and Yildiray “Supergirl” Cinar. They’ve also had the pleasure of working with a number of other talented folks whose names are listed below. Plus, everything was written by Mike Imboden (FUBAR) and co-plotted/lettered by Ed Dukeshire (Hulk, Irredeemable, Sons of Anarchy)! Stories are colored by Matt Webb (E-Man, John Byrne’s Next Men), Mickey Clausen (Toy Story, Ghostbusters), Deon Nuckols (Thor), and Ryan Scott.

Kickstarter has demonstrated that projects which couldn’t originally happen, are now possible. Imboden has been asked by many, many fans for a trade paperback collection, but the reality is, the costs were just too high. However, your pledge support can change that. This Kickstarter will help pay for the printing of the trade paperback, comic book, all the rewards, shipping supplies, and shipping, plus, the fees associated with Kickstarter and Amazon. Any extra money will go into giving fans great stretch rewards, enhancements, and production of future issues. Both Imboden and Dukeshire would love to get Fist of Justice out there on a regular basis once again!

The central piece that they’re showcasing in this promotion is a beautiful trade paperback collecting DWP #s 24, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 and Fist of Justice #1. That’s close to 115 pages of story! The icing on the cake is the long-awaited sixth issue of Fist of Justice. There’s even an opportunity for you to appear in a special 8-page story that will be included with #6 for the appropriate reward tiers. Plus T-Shirts! Who wouldn’t want to walk around with a Fist of Justice T-Shirt? So if given a chance, with generous pledges, they can afford to make this great trade paperback collection. And with continued fan support, they can even make this trade paperback a nicely bound hardcover book!

Their digital rewards will be served through our friends at ComiXology. The ComiXology App is available on every device which includes iPads, iPhones, Kindle, Surface, Android, and are also viewable on the web through your web browser!

This project will only be funded if at least $9,500 is pledged by Sun, Mar 16 2014.


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