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'Fishy Feathers' on iOS puts a new spin on bird games

This bird dives under water and collects coins. What do the other stupid birds do on iOS?
This bird dives under water and collects coins. What do the other stupid birds do on iOS?
Lucky Mask Games, Inc.

Birds have had a great run of success on the App Store.

Whether the birds are angry, flappy or early, there’s just something about the animal that’s helped grab the attention of hundreds of millions of mobile gamers.

The newest game featuring our flying friends is Fishy Feathers on iOS, and it definitely stands up against its well-known competitors.

Fishy Feathers is an amalgamation of the best features of the other popular “bird games,” and the end result is a game that’s fun and easy to play that can hold people’s attention for hours.

Rather than tapping the screen to keep your bird in the air, Fishy Feathers challenges users to dive underwater to eat fish, collect chips and snag power-ups.

Instead of simply competing against their previous high score in the same level over-and-over, users are able to progress through different levels and unlock new characters and power-ups.

Those features push Fishy Feathers beyond other repetitive iOS games, but the developer’s still managed to keep the controls simple and easy to learn.

What really makes Fishy Feathers unique vs. so many other games is the great feeling of progression — on a few different levels — encased in a simple game.

The mechanic is a bit Flappy Bird-esque, but gamers are able to “move up the food chain” and enhance their character and earn power-ups that help along the way.

And while it’s somewhat of a traditional side-scrolling mobile game, the developer’s spiced it up with a variety of characters and levels that give Fishy Feathers impressive depth.

The artwork and animation set the game apart from other competitors, too. While many side-scrollers are blindly copying Flappy Bird’s “ugly is beautiful” strategy, the artists at Lucky Mask Games, Inc. created aesthetically pleasing levels with detailed characters and obstacles to fill out the game and user experience.

It’s also worth mentioning that Fishy Feathers is free to download with a few ads sprinkled into the game. However, it’s clear the developers were careful not to overload the experience with too many ads — a mistake that’s been plaguing far too many titles lately.

Fishy Feathers is the first release from Lucky Mask Games, an indie development studio based near Toronto, Canada.

“We created Fishy Feathers to be a fun alternative to the overly simple, mindless games that are currently saturating the App Store,” said Adam Carbone, 3-D artist at Lucky Mask Games. “Fishy Feathers is easy to pick up and enjoy, but it requires an element of strategy and a goal of progression that’s lacking from so many games right now.”

Overall, Fishy Feathers offers gamers a little bit of everything — simple, quick gameplay, plus level and character progression that will be sure to hold people’s interest. This free game is definitely worth picking up.

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