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Fishtown, The Place Where It All started... All Over Again

Sancho Pistolas Looks To The Future
Sancho Pistolas Looks To The Future
Photo courtesy of Sancho Pistolas

A lot of neighborhoods in Philadelphia have the notion of "making-over" their identity.

It's a natural response when one considers that the city is getting further and further removed from it's industrial and manufacturing roots. The challenge is that, in certain areas, the landscape of urban bight is a hard thing to transform.

But in the neighborhood of Fishtown the transformation seems to be going rather well.

It shouldn't be too surprising, however, because Fishtown is as good a place as any to make a fresh start. The neighborhood is actually adjacent to Penn Treaty Park, the actual spot along the Delaware River where William Penn brokered his peace treaty with the Lenni-Lanape Indian tribe back in 1683.

So, in some ways, Fishtown can lay claim as to being where William Penn began his dream of the "Greene Country Towne" known as Philadelphia.

In keeping with fresh starts, Fishtown welcomed Sancho Pistola's Bar and Restaurant to the neighborhood on January 29th. The latest bar and restaurant endeavor from owners Joe Gunn, Casey Parker and Adan Trinidad is an off-spring of the very successful Center City bar and restaurant, Jorge Pistola's.

The newest addition to the emerging Fishtown scene is located at 19 W. Girard Avenue. Sancho Pistola's ideal corner location is enhanced by a collection of large windows bordering the bar and restaurant. This view adds to the feeling of being at the center of a Philadelphia neighborhood that can easily be described as bustling.

Inside the bar the feeling is as close-knit as Fishtown itself. Local residents, fellow industry professionals and even the occasional out-of-towner have already frequented and been impressed with Sancho Pistola's welcoming vibe.

On any given evening the energy is brisk with a diverse and friendly crowd mingling amongst each other. The staff and management are equally as eager to enhance the good feelings and are truly interested in making a name for themselves in the neighborhood.

Offering a solid array of craft beers, original mixed drinks and exceptional and unique Mexican food, Sancho Pistola's is open weeknights from 4 pm until 2 am. The kitchen caters to the late night industry crowd and stays open until 1 am every night.

On weekends the bar and restaurant is open from 11 am until 2 am and includes a weekly Sunday brunch from 11 am until 3 pm.

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