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Fishing tackle and boat maintenance and rejuvenation with Lucus Oil

Small but mighty products for the angler/boater from Lucus Oil
Small but mighty products for the angler/boater from Lucus Oil
Ron Presley

Small enough to fit in your hand but big enough to save your bacon! That simple statement describes two products from Lucus Oil. If you don’t already have them in your tackle box and/or your tool box you should.

Fishing equipment is subjected to some pretty brutal conditions at times and keeping it running smoothly can be a chore. Take that little line roller on a spinning rod. When your casts seem to be getting shorter, take a look and make sure the line bearing is turning. If it’s not, try a drop of Lucus Fishing Reel Oil to free it up. Your casts will be back to normal in no time. Preventive maintenance is better yet, and a drop of Lucus Fishing Reel Oil on the roller after each fishing trip will keep it working fine. The same thing is true of any moving parts on your reels, whether they are baitcasters, spinners or fly reels.

The Lucus Fishing Reel Oil container is small enough to fit easily in your tackle box or even your pocket, so it’s handy anytime you need it. The needle type dispensing applicator can lube your equipment one drop at a time, or with a measured flow depending on how hard you squeeze the bottle. The product penetrates, lubricates and protects your valuable equipment.

Pro crappie angler Matt Morgan fishes the Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters trail. His fishing equipment is subject to constant use and needs to be in working order all the time. He keeps a bottle of Lucus Fishing Reel Oil on hand to insure smooth working reels. “It is a simple to use product with a user friendly application tip,” says Morgan. “You can apply a drop of oil exactly where you want it. It will free up reels that are hard to spin/turn and each bottle goes a long way.”

The second small but mighty product is Lucus Tool Box Buddy. It is great on the boat for anything that needs lubrication from time to time. Livewell hatches, rod storage compartments, you name it. If it is proned to rust, Tool Box Buddy will improve its operation. It works on nuts, bolts, hinges, steering hardware, trolling motors, etc.

That list is just things on the boat. Imagine all the things you can use it on at home or in the workshop. You can make your own list, but mine includes garages door hardware, bicycle chains, guns, drill chucks, and the list goes on.

Morgan says, “Tool box buddy is the Fix All for anything that is seized up and needs lubrication. It stops squeaks on just about anything imaginable.” He notes that it is also great to use in all air tools for lubrication.

Tool Box Buddy is a penetrating, lubricating and rust-dissolving agent. It has the consistency of a heavy oil with the penetrating qualities of a solvent. Just like the Reel Oil, the Tool Box Buddy container allows using a drop at a time or it can be squirted into hard to get at places. The name, “Tool Box Buddy” really says it all. Once you try it you will have a buddy for life. No tool box should be without it.

You can learn more about these and other Lucus Oil products by visiting their website at

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