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Fishing report 19 March 2010


Location: Lofino Park Pond by the Beavercreek YMCA
Time: 5:50 pm to 7:40 pm
Lures: Cotton Cordell crankbait, 1.5 inches, floater/deep diver
Flies: White Marabou Clouser size 2, White hackle on green body Woolly Bugger

The first fish of 2010!
Ken Davy

The first fish curse is lifted. At about 6:16 pm, a nice bass fell prey to the stop-and-go siren song of the little Cotton Cordell shad imitation. This time the hooks and the line held and the fish came ashore after a very brief struggle. The surprise was the location. The fish was laying in the shadow of the overflow pipe midway down the North shore. One would not ordinarily think to fish shadows this early in the season when fish are trying to warm up. Lesson learned: In heavily pressured waters, the fish may allow comfort to suffer in favor of better concealment. Bass number two was also caught along the North shore using the same lure and tactics. Bass number three was caught along the dropoff on the East shore. 

NOTE:  Don't break your arm casting way out in this pond! The bass cruise the rocky shores and the drop-offs, which are fairly close to shore.  If there are not many people fishing, casting parallel to shore will keep your lure in the strike zone longer.  Next month, when the bass are more active, unweighted soft plastic jerkbaits can be a lot of fun!

Not much was accomplished with the fly rod this time since the large streamer box was mistakenly left behind.

During this outing, a fellow angler and contributor to, under the username Big_B16, happened by. Later he proved that the Lofino Park pond holds some bigger bass as well. Lesson Learned: If you want big bass, throw big lures!

Score so far for 2010:

Fish 1
Examiner 3

Weekend update::

The amended weather forecast for this weekend calls for a slower onset of rain on Saturday now. It's not due to begin until afternoon, so get up early and get your first fish of 2010! Let us hear about your first fish!


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