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Fishing, my teenage daughter unplugged

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Tina Ranieri

Fishing to a teenager in today’s world is primitive and almost unheard of. Toilets that don’t flush, no plug-in outlets to charge up her many electronic gadgets she never seems to leave home without, and her most hated and feared nemesis, bugs.

Easter fishing bonding

While I’m looking for serenity-rest medicine, and a break from this past winter’s grind and emotional stress plus responsibilities, a treat for the soul, engaging in nature while bank fishing. The plants, water and earth are singing to me, while the sun soothes and melts last winter’s woes. I pop the top on my fishing pole, which most anglers know as a fishing rod, and lump the frog lure over into the lake.

My daughter on the other hand, is on the bank next to me, sitting on rocks that look like they were put there just for fishing and suffering from hi-tech withdrawal, and worrying about her precious Jack Russell getting hurt and dirty for the first hour. “He’s a hunting dog,” I assure her; “he’s enjoying muddy feet and walking along the shore in the water.” Not to mention chasing my lure each time I reeled it back in.

How many of these trips do I have left with her

Making memories, a bond is made. I cherish her catatonic state. One day she will be a full blown woman and her yarns will be more adult-like and difficult. She will always be my little girl; “sugar and spice…”it’s a bittersweet devotion of being parent.


She melts into the day and learns to let Mother Nature and the water lapping at the shore, and her love, reshape her “so over it” attitude. She had fun. In between casts, we giggled, shared bottles of water, jerky and trail mix, moved to new spots, and played with a small turtle that followed my lure to the bank. Her pet, “Mikey,” adored his time in the wild, and slept the ride home and collapsed out cold for the rest of the evening, well most of it.

My daughter, well, she has agreed to go fishing with me every time for the rest of the summer, as long as I remind her to bring the sunblock and to get a complete full charge on her Game Boy. Oh yeah, and her Ipod is still drying out from falling out of her front pocket into the lake.

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