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Fishing is picking up a little

Recently anglers all over Southwest Ohio have been reporting more catches of game species. Smallmouth bass seem to be picking up in the local rivers, with the lures of choice remaining Zulus and Pop-Rs. More largemouth are being reported from the local ponds and lakes, although there are still very few of large ones. Grand Lake St. Mary's is showing decent numbers of crappies and bluegills in the legal sizes. The bait of choice there is miniature tubes, either with or without a wax worm tip. Try different locations and depths until you find the fish! Some large flathead catfish have also been reported from Miami Valley rivers, including a 35-inch brute from the Great Miami River. Could this be the beginning of the Fall bite? It may be a bit early to tell but many anglers are hoping that is the case.

On the down side, Asian Silver Carp have reached Cincinnati on the Ohio River and are probably moving up the tributaries as well. Be very careful when boating or wading in that area and remember to rinse your boat or waders afterward to keep from spreading their sticky eggs to other waters! The good thing is that it has been discovered these fish are actually good to eat and there is no limit on them. This is also a unique opportunity for bowfishermen to get in some wingshooting.

Rain was originally forecast for this evening but a quick check of the weather radar shows that the area will likely get only scattered light showers, if anything. WHIO- TV is forecasting rain for tomorrow afternoon although is showing the area dry all day. Both insist the area will get rain on Sunday. Go ahead and go tomorrow but pack a slicker!


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