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Fishing for souls in Northern Illinois

Newly caught fish are seen during sunrise at the port in Gaza City Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010.
Newly caught fish are seen during sunrise at the port in Gaza City Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010.
(AP Photo/ Hatem Moussa)

A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument.

Writing Christian articles for is an interesting tool for the Lord. I sometimes receive hate mail from those that take the time to object or disagree. They usually cannot pass up the chance to insult me or my intelligence. They mistakenly assume i do not understand science or some other matter when (please pardon my bragging) in fact i was the top student in school in biology. I even earned college credit for the class while in high school. In the past i've tried reasoning with scientists and mathematicians but have had very little success other than to unleash their pent-up hostility. I have spent numerous hours pouring over the scientific data and regurgitating it in plain language in hopes of exposing the defects of science apart from God but the result is usually the same. People that have their minds made up in advance of the evidence cannot reach a conclusion outside the limits they place upon the data. Such "brilliant" people of science often use more energy in insulting me than in examining the truth as they look down their noses as if to classify me as some lower life form. So today i ignore such arguments and instead give people my testimony of what the Lord has done for me. A man with an experience should show mercy to the man bound by his arguments.

Deception is never recognized by the one possessing it.

To such people (bound by their own sense of superiority) no amount of justification on my part would matter as they would simply come up with another reason to justify their foolishness. While insiders know that the Truth sets us free...getting this Truth to others sometimes presents difficulty. How can we set someone else free? Isn't there anyone out there in the wilderness of the internet that is looking for the voice that will speak to their soul?

Prayer: Dear Father please use this forum to help people discover the Truth.

Reinhard Bohnke (the great German Evangelist) once confided to a now departed missionary friend of mine about his private meeting with the leader in a foreign country...that the man was slippery as a fish. Reinhard tried to share the Truth but this world leader wouldn't have it.

This is the burden of the Church...there are so many people intent on being slippery like a fish that it can be downright expensive for a church to reach it's community. So let's help out the man of God here.

To all pastors out there...please write a brief testimony and include your church website or contact info. We will then see if anyone in Northern Illinois responds. Give a brief testimony and let's go fishing.

The first pastor that does this will get a free copy of Reinhard's book: Even Greater.


  • Tom 5 years ago

    I'm not a pastor but generally agree with you. I'm a praying man and help my church. Keep up the good work.

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