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Fisherman frees humpback whale tangled in rope

Friday, a New Zealand fisherman risked his life to save a baby humpback whale in shark infested waters off the Australian coast.

The whale was helplessly tangled in fishing line and trying in vain to swim away from the fishing vessel when Joe Brogan, 42, stripped off his shirt, grabbed his knife and dove into the water.

As the huge mammal struggled Brogan swam ever closer to it in an effort to cut the rope in such a way that the whale would be free of it completely.

As the fisherman closed the distance between the boat and the giant fish a friend holding the camera from on board the boat urged him on. "Cut it closer…Don't try and get it off, mate; just cut the line."

In the video Brogan can be seen cutting the rope circled around the sea critter’s tail and setting it free. The baby whale wasted no time swimming away.

"That's it; go free, baby," one man on board cheered.

Joe Brogan later said on Facebook, "It's the best feeling you will ever have."

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