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Fisherman catches plane with dead body: Boat makes a shocking catch off NZ coast

Fishermen make a surprising catch off the New Zealand coast.
Fishermen make a surprising catch off the New Zealand coast.
Wikimedia Commons

A fisherman catches a plane with a dead body on board while out fishing near New Zealand on Thursday, and now the find it making international news. The crew of the San Kawhai threw out their net on Thursday to catch some fish, but they brought up a small plane instead. The men found a dead body inside the plane, and they know the identity of the unknown man. However, authorities are in the process of officially identifying the body. International Business Times shared this story on August 8.

This fishing boat made the find at approximately 10 a.m. on Thursday New Zealand time, according to a spokesperson for the fishing company. The men on board called the authorities immediately, and they transported the plane to near Auckland. The fishermen on board also contacted the family of the man they believed to be the victim they found on board.

Daroish Kraidy disappeared after he took off in his plane back in March, and his plane is the only plane listed as missing in the area. His plane fell off radar on March 25, and his wife knew that if he was found it would be "by accident." This discovery by the fishing crew would definitely classify as accidental. His wife and daughter also spoke to authorities following the man's disappearance, and they felt that the man's disappearance had been deliberate because of his battles with depression. Did Kraidy crash? On the other hand, did he commit suicide?

Further investigation might reveal more about what happened to the pilot. According to his brother, Kraidy was an experienced pilot. He flew with the South African Air Force, and he had flown in the World Precision Flying Championships. Kraidy lived in New Zealand for the last 14 years, and he leaves behind a daughter and son. The plane he flew was home built, and authorities revealed that the plane as made of "metal and wood frame that's covered by fabric."

This is not the only unusual find made by fishermen this week. Off the coast of California, three men managed to catch and bring in three large opal fish. The fish weigh in at over 100 pounds. It is not every day that this type of fish is caught. It is even rarer that three were caught on the same day. Fishermen caught three last Friday, but only two of the fish made it to shore. One of the fish managed to escape. The men that caught the three opal fish shared a photo of their catch on Facebook, and it received over 8,000 likes.

A woman in Florida also made an amazing catch when she was out fishing with friends recently. According to BT, Cody Monroe caught a lemon shark that was twice her size. The creature weighed in at over 350 pounds.

It is safe to say these catches are far less gruesome than the catch made off the coast of New Zealand this week. The discovery of the plane does put his family's mind at ease. They can now put Kraidy to rest. What do you think of these shocking finds? Have you ever caught something shocking while out fishing?

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