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Fisherman catches plane with dead body: Suicide probe of pilot missing 6 months

Fishing vessel pulls up plane with dead body inside in their nets.
Fishing vessel pulls up plane with dead body inside in their nets.
Wikimedia Commons

Fishermen on a fishing trawler pull in a grisly catch of the day when their nets scooped up a small plane with a dead body inside. The New Zealand fishing crew were out fishing for orange roughy, along with other fish when the 19-foot aerobatic biplane came to the surface in their nets, according to HNGN News on Aug. 7.

The pilot was still strapped into his seat and the plane was intact. The plane was traced back to a missing Auckland man, Daroish Kraidy, police said in a statement released about the incident. Kraidy’s family has been notified and they believe that the plane crash may have been deliberate because the man suffered from depression, his wife said.

Kraidy went missing back in March of this year when he took off from Ardmore airfield, which is near his home in Auckland. The plane disappeared off of the radar screen within minutes of takeoff.

The man’s wife said she plans to have Kraidy cremated and his ashes scattered in his favorite spot. The crew of the commercial fishing trawler, the San Kawhai, transported the plane with the pilot's body back to land, according to TVNZ News today. They delivered it to a bay near Great Barrier Island, which is about 56 miles from the dead man’s home in Auckland.

While it is apparent that this is Kraidy in the plane, the official business of identifying the man still has to take place. The Civil Aviation Authority along with a police disaster victim identification expert will carry out a detailed inspection of the plane. Besides the formal identification process of the remains, the investigation of the plane and any of its contents will be included in the inspection.

Police, who talked with the Kraidy’s wife said that “some of the features are consistent with the plane that was last piloted by her missing husband. The official identification should be made fairly soon. This is the only missing aircraft that is listed by the New Zealand Aviation Authority.

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