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Fisherman catches plane with dead body inside: Horrific catch shocks fishermen

Fisherman catches plane with dead body: Death linked to Malaysia Airlines MH370?
Fisherman catches plane with dead body: Death linked to Malaysia Airlines MH370?

A fisherman catches a plane with a dead body inside, and the horrific catch was quite a shocking surprise for all of the fishermen of the San Kawhai trawler. The plane with the dead body inside was caught by the nets of the San Kawhai on Thursday morning off the southern point of Great Barrier Island near Auckland, New Zealand, reports Headlines and Global News on Aug. 7.

The trawler San Kawhai was fishing near the Great Barrier Island, off the coast of the North Island, when the fishermen made the grisly find. The crew members of the San Kawhai usually fish for tarakihi, orange roughy and other fish that live near the coast. The 61-foot fishing boat’s nets are dragged in a wide arc along the ocean floor in order to entangle fish.

On Thursday morning around 10 a.m., the San Kawhai’s crew members were utterly surprised when their fishing nets did not only contain fish but also a plane wreckage with a dead body inside. The plane was severely damaged and the dead body unrecognizable. The crew from the fishing boat transported the wreckage to New Zealand police at a bay near Great Barrier Island, which is about 56 miles northeast of Auckland. Authorities will be using a barge to transport the wrecked plane with the body inside back to Auckland.

Authorities believe that the fishermen caught the plane with the dead body of 53-year-old Auckland pilot Daroish Kraidy. In a statement, New Zealand Police said that “some features are consistent with the plane that was last piloted by missing Auckland man Daroish Kraidy.” Kraidy had taken off in his 19-foot (5.7 meter) Acro aerobatic biplane from Ardmore airfield near Auckland on March 25. He had home-assembled the plane from a kit and disappeared from radar screens only minutes after take-off. The Acro Sport plane is relatively lightweight and is made with a metal and wood frame that's covered by fabric.

Kraidy is the only missing pilot in the area and authorities assume that he either turned off the plane’s transponder or that he was flying at a very low altitude. Kraidy was an experienced pilot and had previously flown in the World Precision Flying Championships. According to his ex-wife and his daughter, he had battled depression for years. They believe that his disappearance was deliberate.