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Fishcreek: A park for all seasons

Looking north from the bluff above MacKenzie Meadows on the east side of Fishcreek
Looking north from the bluff above MacKenzie Meadows on the east side of Fishcreek
Bob Bannon photo

Calgary is a city where we can experience all four seasons in an afternoon and in the winter we can lose sight of some of our favourite summer haunts. Fishcreek Park, spanning the south side of the city can be a great spot to get some exercise, sunshine and fresh air, year round. It is a little quieter in winter with fewer bikers and roller bladers but nearby residents still utilize the pathways to walk dogs, stretch those leg muscles and enjoy some of Calgary's most spectacular views.

This time of year we need to take some precautions with ice on the pathways but the provincial park is accessible all day, the paved paths are kept cleared and this winter, like most, the river is still open. Fishermen can often be seen wading in the frigid waters and there are still geese and ducks in residence competing for the Bow River's offerings. This jewel is Canada's largest urban park and boasts everything from an interpretive centre to an upscale restaurant called The Ranche and hosts animals of all description from deer to coyotes and porcupines to blue herons.

Miles of trails and very little organized development keeps the integrity of its prairie grasslands and foothills forests intact while allowing access from many areas of the city from 37th Ave in the southwest to MacKenzie in the southeast. We do not require passports or boarding passes to enjoy this pristine parkland that encompasses over 1300 hectares and allows its users to lose themselves here in the city. Summer or winter, Fishcreek is an oasis to enjoy, experience and discover a natural world of beauty and serenity.