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Fish oil reduces hostility and aggression by 34%

Fish oil reduces hostility and aggression by 34%
Fish oil reduces hostility and aggression by 34%

A body of research points to the crucial role omega-3 supplements play in mental health well-being. The most interesting point is what happened to the group who received the placebo. Within a three-month time frame, taking dietary supplements can make a huge impact on your life quality.

Why is this study important

The Dutch National Corrections Institute has the proof after testing inmates at a correctional facility. 116 inmates received vitamins and omega-3 supplements while another group received a placebo over a period of three months. The placebo-group’s aggression increased 13% while the group receiving the supplemented omega-3 rule-breaking behavior barely budged.

There are many contributing factors to aggressive behavior and mental illness. While the medical community is learning to integrate the whole-being in being able to cure, it is increasingly clear the difference a complete diet along with the right supplements can benefit the population. Omega-3’s when taken daily off support good mental health and have shown duplicated positive results in other studies.

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