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Fish Fridays are satisfying at Da Lobsta

Lobster rolls from Da Lobsta
Lobster rolls from Da Lobsta
Cristine Struble

For many Chicagoans, Fish Fridays are popular during the Lenten season. Instead of a egg and pepper sandwich or a fish stick, Da Lobsta offers satisfying lobster rolls that will keep guests coming back long after the season has past.

Da Lobsta, the best lobster rolls
Cristine Struble

Da Lobsta is a Chicago restaurant that specializes in lobster rolls. For the lobster aficionado, the portions and variations of lobster dishes will surely delight. From the large pieces of lobster meat to the variety of flavors, Da Lobsta will have customers returning again and again to indulge on this delicious meal.

The lobster roll is the mainstay of Da Lobsta's menu. For those unfamiliar, a lobster roll is a sandwich filled with lobster meat, which has been soaked in butter, and is served on a steamed hot roll. The sandwich is served with the opening on top, not on the side. At Da Lobsta, these rolls are overflowing with large pieces of lobster meat, which could require a fork to eat it all.

The traditional lobster roll is a delicate balance between lobster meat and tarragon mayonnaise. The mayonnaise is flavorful yet not overpowering. The soft, sweet roll balances the savory qualities of the lobster. This lobster roll is definitely one of the best in the city.

For the more adventurous palates, Da Lobsta offers several twists on the traditional lobster roll. The Asian, soy mayo, Asian slaw, Szechan sauce and scallions, is a bright twist. For the more decadent, the Surf & Turf with Apple Smoked and Maple Glazed bacon is savory bliss. Any lobster roll on the restaurant's menu will surely satisfy a lobster lover's craving.

In addition to lobster rolls, Da Lobsta offers lobster mac' n cheese, lobster grilled cheese, salads and soups. Any lobster roll can be substituted with blue crab or shrimp.

Da Lobsta has two locations in Chicago, one on Cedar in the Gold Coast and a second one in the French Market. For addresses, phone numbers and other information please visit the Da Lobsta website.

The next Fish Friday don't compromise on taste. Head to Da Lobsta to satisfy your fish only Friday meals.