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Fish and Wildlife Service to poison Farallon Islands, will be no exclusion kill

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The Farallon Islands, located about 30 miles off the coast of San Francisco, are home to a wide variety of seals, seabirds, whales and sharks. But the US Fish and Wildlife Services plans to shower them with rat poison, according to Care2.

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Unfortunately, in addition to native species, the islands are also overrun with house mice. Though the mice mostly eat crickets and salamanders, they also attract burrowing owls to the island. And when the owls run out of mice to snack on, they turn to other animals, especially the ashy storm-petrel, which uses the islands as a breeding site and depends on them to survive.

To cut down the mouse population, the US Fish and Wildlife Service plans to dump poison on the island. But the mice won't be the only animals that can suffer from the poison -- the pellets will also put the islands' native species in grave danger.

These islands' ecosystems should not be ruined for the sake of eradicating a pest.

TAKE ACTION! Tell the Fish and Wildlife Services to come up with an alternate solution for the Farallon's mouse problem!


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