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Fish and Camp for Almost Nothing

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Camping and fishing can get expensive very quickly. However, there is an alternative. you can go hiking, fishing, and Fremont lake in the Hoover Wilderness for almost free. The camping and fishing is not too easy to get to, but there are many rewards. You can park at the trailhead which is located at the Leavitt Meadow. The Leavitt Meadow is on the eastern side of the Sonora Pass. You can reach this from Highway 395 which is just north of Bridgeport. The parking lot for those who want to go backpacking is located next to the Leavitt Meadow Campgrounds. There is a restroom adjacent to the parking lot. Additionally there is a self serve box where you can get your wilderness permit right there in the parking lot. The only drawback of this location is that the Hoover Wilderness does typically require that backpackers bring bear canisters with then when hiking which can be irritations.

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The hike to the lake for fishing is about 9 miles from the trail head. You start on the short short trail from the parking lot to the camp ground. You then will continue from the campground to the new bridge. Then you will continue over the bridge to the West Walker River. At that point there is a fork that gives you two options. One of the options is to go by Secret Lake. Although this is a bit longer. The other option goes right up the Leavitt Meadow. They both reach the same place just before you reach the Roosevelt Lake and Lane Lake. If you want to make this a multiple day trip you can stop at Lane Lake which is about 4 miles from where you started. There are many places for you to go camping around Lane Lake. Additionally there is some amazing fishing on the lake. If you want to continue beyond Lane Lake you will continue on the old trail. The trail then splits to the right and follows the river and path for beaver pond. The trail is not very maintained but it is very easy to follow since it follows the river extremely closely. You then continue and pass the turnoff to Hidden Lake. You will keep this up and go over the river crossing at the foot of a ascent. You then continue up to Fremont Lake. The climb is around a thousand feet but the views are amazing. There is a Leavitt Meadow Pack Station if you don't want to take all your camping gear with you.