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First World Looks to Antigua for Health

When it comes to health, the first world is often the leaders. Not only do they research all the diseases, but they have the money to take care of the outbreaks and illnesses when people have them. The United States of America and many of the European countries are considered first world countries due to this ability, but what if health and happiness wasn't just associated with these financial benefits?

The small island nation of Antigua is starting to make a big deal about the health of their citizens. Many of the people who live on the island are destitute and poor, but the lack of stress and the ability to relax on the island has made it possible for them to be one of the healthiest counties in the world. When it comes to getting Antigua citizenship, one of the main reasons people are interested in the health of the citizens living there.

At one point, Antigua was a tourist and economic / investment capital for offshore banking. Today it is still used in similar ways, but most of the people who are moving there realize all of the benefits of moving to a relaxation based country that is filled with joy and fun. For many of the individuals moving to Antigua for a short time, the island is sure to lure them in for a lot longer.

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