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First week pet fostering and how Jessie is doing

Jessie plays hard and sleeps well. She will eventually be up for adoption.
Jessie plays hard and sleeps well. She will eventually be up for adoption.
Jo Ann Wentzel

Tomorrow, it will be one week since Jessie came to stay with us. She is our first foster pet. Jessie is about 1 year old and is a fairly small dog with Blue Heeler in the mix of breeds. She came out of the Humane Society of Pikes Peak Region. I am fostering her through All Breeds Rescue and Training.

Her history is still a mystery, but someone who reads her file will soon be able to give me more information. We took her without knowing anything since she was an emergency and needed a place right away.

When she first came she was frightened and quiet. Jessie was very scared when we put her in our little car to bring her to our house. She shook most of the way home, but I kept petting her. Between the soft, kind words from us and a bag of great treats, helped make the transition a bit easier.

Arriving at our house there was still fear because now she was in a brand new place and she also needed to meet our huge dog, Mr. Owen. At first she was frightened of him because he is really rambunctious and wants to play, but he’s a bit rough at it. He was also a rescue dog and still needs some more work. It only took till the next day till she felt less afraid of him. Now, Jessie and Mr. Owen run around the tree together playing and barking like a dog should. She plays hard and gets tired and then comes in and takes a nap.

The cats were a different story. Three cats reside at our house and I am still not sure who was more scared of whom. They are afraid of Jessie and try to get out of her way. They hide form her. This problem has not been solved yet because when Jessie felt more comfortable she started to chase the cats. She is still curious about them, but usually stops when we tell her no cats. She is no longer frightened of the cats, but even more interested than before. Two of the cats sometimes let her get very close, but if she tries to touch them they spit at her.

Jessie seems to be starving since she came here and gulped down her food so fast it is crazy. We found this true with Mr. Owen when we got him, he was always hungry though ate slower than Jessie. He would be constantly looking for food he can steal and still does that sometimes, but not all the time as when he first came here. Jessie is hungry and wanting food and will try begging when people eat, but can usually be convinced to lie down instead. One thing I have tried since the other pets are still eating way past Jessie being done is to call her to me and spend some time petting and talking to her to distract her. She loves food, but she loves attention more.

Since Jessie has been here, we have had several potty accidents. She came out of a kennel and sometimes that messes up any schedule they once had in regards to bathroom habits. We are trying to get her to go outside often, but the first thing in the morning seems to be the trouble. When we feed her anything extra too close to bedtime she is prone to accidents in the morning. There will be no sleeping in with tis dog since she is a morning this point it seems more about training ourselves to follow and learn her bathroom schedule.

This is a sweet dog with a great loving disposition, but she does have some issues to work on such as learning commands. Since she first came, she has been better at coming when called and laying down when asked. She stops chasing the cats most times. Jessie gets overwhelmingly loving and wants to climb on you sometimes. We try to allow her to do most things that won’t hurt anyone but, also expect her to cooperate with some things so her new family can put up with her habits. Not everyone wants a pet that is on the bed or jumps on the sofa. If we restrict her bad behaviors, she may find a permanent home eventually.

Whether or not Jessie had toys in the past is unknown, but she is pretty destructive with them. Owen’s toys will need repairing or replacing. She prefers soft toys but demolishes them, so we need to come up with alternatives. Have a few ideas so will let you all know if they work put.

In the first day or so Jessie was pretty timid since she was in strange surroundings with people she did not know. She warmed up to jus quickly and seems to be pretty trusting of jus now. With her knew comfort level, just like human foster kids, she pushes the envelope and tests the limit.

There are too few days to report much progress, but she has made some, mainly in her relationship with us. To me, the most significant progress we made so far is that she trusts us and knows she will be cared for and fed. She has received lots of attention and love so that is the best we can hope for from week one. She is a very loving dog and smart so she will figure the rest out eventually.

I will post an article once a week to report her progress. These pets that are rescued have so much to overcome that any positive steps forward are to be considered progress.

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