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First United Methodist Church of Garland

Stained glass in First United Methodist Church of Garland
Stained glass in First United Methodist Church of Garland

"Loving God, Living Faith, Serving People" sums up the life of First United Methodist Church of Garland.

This church is 150 years old and has been in downtown Garland for 100 years. But don't let age fool you! This is a dynamic, vibrant church who has been  purposefully encountering their community for their entire history.

In partnership with other Garland churches, FUMC of Garland supports the ROC, a community program that provides food, counseling, career training, and English classes to the underprivileged of our community. Housed on their campus, FUMC also supports Hope Clinic, a partner with Baylor Garland in providing medical care for those in our community who cannot afford it for themselves. The Good Samaritan Ministries of Garland, the Austin Street homeless shelter, and the Genesis Center all benefit from FUMC's dedication to bringing redemption to the community; redemption of social ills like hunger, poverty, and substance abuse.

Home to chapters of Boy Scouts of America, Weight Watchers, and the Garland chorale, FUMC's building is familiar to the Garland community. The local cancer community has also found FUMC to be home for support groups. They also have improved the lives of orphaned children in Russia while bringing the gospel to Spain.

On Sunday mornings at 8:30am and 10:50am, this family gathers to celebrate life in their downtown sanctuary. A visitor will notice the musical excellence that is part of this group's DNA. But you'll also notice a sense of family as the birthdays of children are announced and anniversaries celebrated.

Sunday school meets at 9:30am and is the place to find those who walk similar life paths. The Sunday school program involves more than 80% of the church, making it a great place to get to know some of the fine people at this church.

First United Methodist Church of Garland is clearly living out their mission of loving God in order to live faith by serving people. Garland is a better place to live because of their efforts.


  • CH 5 years ago

    So cool to see churches that continue on doing the basics - loving its own and teaching them to love others.

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