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First two Discovery Apps for PS Vita: t@g and Frobisher Says trailers

While we know that the PlayStation Vita will have many apps available for download, we are excited to find out what will be offered. The first two free Discovery Apps from the PlayStation Store that will be available for download have been announced.

First two Discovery Apps for PS Vita: t@g and Frobisher Says trailers
First two Discovery Apps for PS Vita: t@g and Frobisher Says trailers
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The first one really peaked my interest, t@g by Andrew Rourke, Bolser. The app offers a very innovative way of tagging places you have been. T@g allows the user to creating virtual their own virtual t@g and display it on a building, a wall, or anything else in the virtual world. It uses Augmented Reality and GPS to allow other PS Vita owners to view t@gs left by those who have "t@gged" that area. All they do is hold their Vita up to scan an area, using the app, and it will display the t@gs. Pretty cool, huh? Design the tag and arrange it to your liking using both the front and back touchscreens. Then, unleash your t@g into the real world for all to see, without the need of Krylon or Streakers! Also, the best part is, it's legal!

Can you imagine what Jet Set Radio would be like on the Vita?!

Check out the trailer to the left!

Want another app that offers an interactive experience with your PS Vita? Frobisher Says by Ricky Haggett, Honeyslug will also be launched.

This app is much like the popular "Simon Says" game that we all remember playing as we were younger, except instead of Simon, expect to see a strange little character named Frobisher. Also, Frobisher will not be giving you the typical commands of "jump up and down", "pat your head and rub your belly", or "eat the dog food faster than your dog"- wait what? Okay, so I can see Frobisher spitting out that last command, as his requests are extremely whacky.

The game will allow the player to play with up to 8 friends or go it alone to work on their high score. Utilizing all of the features of the Vita, Frobisher Says uses the traditional controls, as well as front and rear touch, camera, and face-detection.

Check out the trailer HERE.

Foursquare, Flickr, Netflix, Skype, Twitter, and Facebook will also be available. All will be available at launch, except maybe Netflix. They are trying their best to have that ready for launch.

Be sure to check out screenshots of both apps in the slideshow to the left.

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