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First Trailer for Tom Hardy Thriller, 'Locke'

Certainly the most unique film I saw at Sundance this year was Locke, the second trip behind the camera for Dirty Pretty Things and Eastern Promises writer Steven Knight. In fact, it was one of the first films I saw at the festival (review to come, I swear) and what struck me most about it was the technical precision of it and the stunning performance by Tom Hardy, who is literally the only actor we ever see on screen in this single-location thriller.

Tom Hardy is Ivan 'Locke'

The first trailer for Locke has been released, and if anything it shows how captivating Hardy can be, even when he isn't necessarily playing a tough guy. Entirely set within a moving car, Hardy plays a contractor named Ivan Locke who is racing to fix a mistake that could cost him everything. Along the way he receives numerous phone calls (voiced by Ruth Wilson, Olivia Colman, Tom Holland, and more) that clue us in to what is really going on, and what you have is a mystery moving at about 80mph. While I have some issues with it that will be addressed later, there's enough compelling about Locke that it's a film people should look out for when it arrives on April 25th.

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