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First Trailer for Paul Walker's Final Completed Film, 'Brick Mansions'

The original District B13 hit with a ton of impact when it arrived a decade ago, pumped up by the parkour craze that was trendy at the time. The film remains enough of a cult favorite that there wasn't a lot of hope for the American remake, Brick Mansions, even though it brought back wall-jumping master David Belle and teamed him up with the late Paul Walker for his final completed movie. And now that the first trailer is here, those who were skeptical will be happy to see that it looks like a faithful translation.

Brick Mansions is a remake of French parkour flick, District B13

Co-starring RZA and directed by Camille Delamarre, the story taking place between all the acrobatics centers on a straight-laced cop (Walker) who must stop a Detroit crimelord from unleashing a WMD on the city. To do it he'll need to fight his way through waves of enemies while keeping tabs on his high-flying partner.

If it looks like a Luc Besson film, well, that's because he produced and co-wrote the script just as he did on the first movie. Brick Mansions hits theaters April 25th.

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