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First Time Interracial Dating Tips

Interracial Dating Can Lead to Love
Interracial Dating Can Lead to Love

If you’ve never done it before, you may have a few questions about interracial dating. Spending time with someone of another race or culture is not a huge deal since, after all, we’re all human and pretty much want the same things out of, acceptance and good times. The following are just a few things to be aware of to help make your first interracial dating experience an enjoyable one for yourself and for the person you’re going out with.

Don’t Make Racial Differences Your Central Focus

Yes, you’re bound to discover a number of differences between yourself and your date. While racial differences should be acknowledged and even celebrated, avoid deliberately looking for ways to point these differences out, especially if they have no relevance to the moment. Instead, it’s far more appropriate to seek the things you have in common, particularly when first getting to know someone. In short, don’t let a person’s race (or your own) become the focal point of your relationship.

Don’t Make Racial Jokes or Slurs

Believe it or not, some people believe that dating someone of another race makes it okay for them to tell an off-color joke about that race or to make outright racial slurs in jest. In their minds, this isn’t a display of bigotry since, after all, they are dating someone of said race. Whether or not this is ever acceptable deserves question. It is not ever acceptable, however, when first getting to know someone. In fact, it’s probably the best way to ensure that you’ll never get a second date.

Expect a Few Stares

In some places, interracial dating barely raises an eyebrow. Yet and still, some may be prone to staring at interracial couples and others may even go as far as to make pointed comments. Expect this and decide now not to let such experiences overshadow your date.

It may help to further understand that some may stare due to an admiration for interracial dating. Others may not even make strong note of racial differences, but may stare for reasons such as thinking you make a nice couple. Either way, most people who date interracially experience extra attention at some time or another, so don’t be surprised or offer a reaction if or when it happens to you.

Be Sensitive About the Location of Your Date

Let’s face it, there are some areas where interracial dating is no big deal. Then there are others where you, your date or both of you may be met with hostility. As much as this shouldn’t be a “thing” the truth is that you will have to give some forethought as to the places you go when dating outside of your race. It’s sad to have to think about such in this day and age, but it’s sometimes necessary. The last thing that you want to do is place yourself or your date in harm’s way.

Compliment, But Do Not Obsess

There will be some obvious physical differences between you and your date. A different hair texture, shape of the eyes, skin color and eye color are likely things that you are attracted to, which is great. Be aware, however, that some people fetishize these same things and you may make your date very uncomfortable if you appear to obsess over them. So, compliment, yes, but do not go all creepy and let comments about these differences dominate the conversation.

Follow these tips for interracial dating and you’re that much closer to having a great time. You may even want to give them a try after meeting someone at However, ignore this advice and you run the risk of provoking your date’s ire. The choice is yours.

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