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First time director Stephen Elliott talks 'About Cherry'

'About Cherry' official poster
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Stephen Elliott co-wrote and directed "About Cherry" starring Ashley Hinshaw ("Chronicle") as a young woman who flees her abusive home life and becomes an adult film star.

Terra-Stephen, where did this story come from?

Stephen-We wanted to show one woman's story, a coming of age story. This is about Cherry having control over her life and body. Loreli says that most of the women in the sex business come from family backgrounds that are not strong. The other actors and the directors become your family. It may not be the ideal family, but it is a family.

Stephen-Loreli co-wrote this film, she still acts in adult films and lectures at NYU.

Terra-Cherry ends up working in a large company that was actually a real place where porn is filmed, similar to in the film, right?

Stephen-Yes, it's the San Francisco Armory. It's the largest adult film studio in the world. It's also the home of The adult film company in "About Cherry" is based on this company.

Terra-This is your first directing job and you put together a star-studded cast. Besides Ashley, you have Lili Taylor, Heather Graham, Dev Patel and James Franco.

Stephen-I wrote this script with Franco in mind. He optioned my book "Happy Baby," so I wrote this with him in mind and it worked out. "

Terra-Was there any improvising in the film?

Stephen-That's an interesting question. I don't think any film is completely scripted. The director tells the actors, "this is what the scene is about." The script should be a guideline. Then again, I've only directed one film (laughs).

Terra-Stephen, what do you want people get from this film?

Stephen-I want people to feel inspired, hopeful. I want them to experience art.

I want to thank Stephen Elliott for taking his time to do this interview.

I would also like to encourage my readers to see this film. Read my review of "About Cherry" and see the film. It really is not only an excellent drama, it is also a glance into a world very few get to see. With guides like Stephen and Lorelei, it's an excellent tour.

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