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First Thing in the Morning

If your kids are over the age of five, the odds are pretty good that getting them up in the morning is a challenge. As long as there is no sun in the sky, the kids want to snuggle down into their beds—and who can blame them? With the flexibility of a homeschooling schedule, the kids know that they can sleep in and just catch up on their work later.

Given that, what do you do with your morning? Do you roll over and go back to sleep until they start stirring (which is certainly a valid option)? Do you get up and wait impatiently for them to be up and moving?

Or do you take advantage of a few minutes of peace and quiet to get a good, solid start on your day?

First thing in the morning, before the kids are awake, can be your most productive time of day. There are no little voices pulling you away from what you’re doing to answer a question, referee a fight, or take care of something that they think needs to be done immediately. There are no little hands messing things up before you even have the chance to get it completely cleaned up. No children who are going to need your time, energy, or attention.

How much can you accomplish? Think of the possibilities…

In just an hour, you could fix a hot breakfast for you and the kids to get them off to a good start; start a load of laundry; or get in a workout of your own. You could get the supplies set out for your next day’s activities, or straighten up last night’s mess. You could get a load of dishes in the dishwasher. Or you could take advantage of the peace and quiet to complete a devotional, read a book, or catch up with your emails or your friends on Facebook—a few precious minutes of “Mommy time” before the kids are up for the day.

So many things can be accomplished before the kids wake up—and chances are, if your spouse is rolling out of bed to head to work, their alarm is waking you up anyway. Why not take advantage of it?

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